Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

as the year draws to a close, i reflect on the distance travelled over the past year. take a look again at my priorities and my goals and resolve to spend less time outside the moment and more time in it.

if it were possible to do an a,b, c analysis of what made me happy in the past year then 80% of it would the company of friends, 5% would be work i did on the job, 10% would be the sports i played, and balance would be misc.

and how often does one actually acknowledge the importance of our friends. the sheer joy one gets out of a two minute chat with someone close comes miles ahead of everything else, friends leave me positive and energised, and happy!!

also a year spent on the job trying to figure out what exactly would i like to do…would i rather chase a fat pay cheque in a conventional big corporation job, or hold out for something close to my heart….which seems some distance away….and the big corp might be the way to something else close to my heart. but again, its not so much big corp or small corp…..but what do i love doing…playing soccer….so while i look for a job which can keep me close to my passion for soccer, i am trying to figure out what is the route to that job and what are the milestones i need to cross on my way there…. one route takes me to harvard/ wharton thence to europe and man u or real madrid or even work in a city where i can watch some soccer regularly, where soccer would be as much a part of the culture over there as cricket is a part of the culture here. so given that i am seeking to get into a harvard or a wharton what is the kind of work i need to do to get there, and of course how much money do i need to accumulate….

another option is advertising and again the route seems to be the same….or do i step on water till i manage to break into it….and would it be enough

so what do plan for my life ahead:

travel , i defnly need to travel the world as much as possible

meet my friends often

give into impulses more, but also be more disciplined in other areas

care for my health a lil more

read all the books i can ( ties in very well with the travel, i think)

learn a foreign language

be more open and receptive to others

be less wound up

get over my tendency to analyse everything to death

and a basic tenet to remember, not to resist but let myself go with flow of life.

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