Uncategorized / Saturday, December 20th, 2003

work takes all my time these days, been leaving office at ten, eleven even midnight…and back the next day at 8 am. i never thought i would be one of those peope who spend all their time working, but it looks like i can be….

of course some credit must go to the new tt table in office, its been ages since i played , so i make sure to get my daily dose these days. add to that agency pitches for our business where i am getting a lot of gyaan. surely these days must pass.

also learning to dig deep and root myself within me so that i can control in my spitfire temper, highly unsuitable for a saint to have a temper.

saw some books i need to pick up, five people you meet in heaven being one of them, by the same author who wrote tuesdays with morrie.

and read about the three types of love: lust, obsessive love, and comfortable love. well the best has to be when you experience all three with the same person and at the same time…

and here’s to the holiday season!!


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