Uncategorized / Monday, November 3rd, 2003

reading ‘ power of now’ and though i am rather wary of chicken soup books which promise success through 7 successful habits, am still always reading so called new age spiritual stuff. and the way eckhart tolle writes about his re-awakening takes me back to the time when i felt something quite similar to what he described.

my fingers felt translucent, and i felt as though the sunshine was coming though into to me and i was a light, bright sunlight filled soul. every breath i took felt as though i was breathing in rhythm with someone else, like it happens when two people lie in bed with one having his arms around the other. in the centre of my head i could feel s bond, like a third eye opening and the joy i felt was unlike anything i had felt or have felt since then.

and now i ache for the same feeling to return, wondering when…..and how do i get it back, and i know the answer to that too…

but this was a few months back on a sunday morning, on my way to the beach….

have had it since then, but the intensity has never been the same…


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