Uncategorized / Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

today is the day that should change the rest of my life…. i hope,

sleep has been hard to come by, this is what they mean by no rest for the wicked…and as i was tossing and turning in my bed at 5 am i thought ok, i might finally be in a position to go jogging today ( i never get out of bed before 7 am otherwise….even if my sleep breaks at 6) so after spending an hour convincing myself that i should go jogging and overruling excuses like:

1) ill get tired ( only the first few times)

2) i hate jogging ( which is true, i can run after a football ….but just running ??!!)

3) hard surface will kill my knees and ankles ( …and stress, cholesterol will get all of me otherwise)

finally got up, made tea and watched some tv. much to the annoyance of my roommate. finally got ready and went down. and you cannot know how ridiculous i felt, all alone early in the morning with all the watchmen and milkmen staring at me, would be much easier if i had someone to jog with i told myself, but i dont lose some weight soon i wont have some one to watch tv with also. so i started and after the first three minutes it was sheer will power which kept me going for the remaining 12 mins. and finally dripping with honest sweat i made my way back to the flat, did some weights and was feeling great. so everything should be fine right? wrong, by 10 am i was feeling so sleepy that all i could think of was taking of going home and sleeping. somehow or the other i have managed to postpone my departure but with champions league beckoning tonight and not much work to do, i think i am all set to take of early today.

just hope i can fall asleep when i get home, like i said – no rest for the wicked.

jogging aside, am meeting a no of people from my old school days, met this charming school mate ( see life of a saint) who’s studying design in UK and is back on vacation, then met another old friend from my college days just back from Boise, Idaho who’s working in a chip firm….and one thing we had in common was the lack of affection for certain Korean firms who are giving us a tough fight in two totally different sectors.

looking forward to my trip home this weekend, its been a long time coming, but its finally here.


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